As a fully qualified Aromatherapist, I have experienced personally the effects that essential oils and natural products can have on our wellbeing.

Following the loss of my brother through traumatic and unexpected circumstances, I suffered for several years with anxiety and insomnia. I tried countless natural therapies to return my body to a state of wellbeing, all with some effect.

For me however, aromatherapy was the most beneficial. I was so impressed with the effects essential oils had on my symptoms, I decided to study Aromatherapy.

Since I have been using essential oils on a daily basis, my symptoms have completely resolved and I am now able to bring you Naturally Nature.

Everybody’s journey is personal and we all heal in different ways. With this in mind, it is my aim to share my knowledge with as many people as I can about the benefits that essential oils can bring to our state of wellness.  You don’t even have to be unwell to benefit from aromatherapy.

All my products are designed to assist  our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, no matter our current state.
I hope you get as much value from my products as I do.

More recently, I have trained in biofield tuning and offer appointments for this, in addition to creating essential oil blends.

Thank you for visiting Naturally Nature.

Amanda Farrelly.