Biofield Tuning

I was first introduced to the use of biofield tuning forks at a retreat in 2016.

It helped me so much I couldn’t wait to learn more, and have since trained to become a biofield healing practitioner.

What Biofield Tuning Practitioners Do

Cars are incredibly complex machines, and to keep them running well, sometimes we need to take them for a tune-up.

How much more complex is the human body? Biofield tuning is like a tune-up for out-of-tune human beings (I was going to say bodies, but we are so much more than just our bodies, and biofield healing recognises this).

Biofield Tuning is an alternative therapy based on the use of tuning forks. The soundwaves from the tuning forks affect the biomagnetic field – or biofield – that surrounds the human body, causing deep relaxation and helping the body to re-calibrate itself to “factory settings”.

It might sound a bit out there, but we are learning more about science all the time. It’s not just biofield tuning practitioners that recognise that each human being is comprised of an energetic system that is inextricably linked with the body, mind and soul – the biofield.

Biofield tuning is just one in a fast-growing group of therapies which work with this energy system. Others include acupuncture, homeopathy and energy psychology.

How do Biofield Tuning Forks work and how can it help?

The client lies comfortably on the treatment table, while the practitioner stands approximately 5 to 6 feet away – at the edge of the biofield. Two regular tuning forks are sounded regularly, as the practitioner gradually moves closer to the treatment table.

Just like the rings in a tree trunk, different distances correspond with the various ages. The starting point of 5 to 6 feet for example, relates to the time of our birth.

Things like trauma, accidents, and overwhelming emotions such as anxiety, grief and stress – all the stuff we normally push aside – can get trapped in our biofield.

The frequency and sound of the tuning forks identifies these blockages, and you can actually hear the sound and vibrations change. Once alerted to resistance, the practitioner spends more time in this area, to restore the flow of energy.

But is there any proof?

Although biofield therapies have existed for thousands of years, it is a comparatively new area of research. Evidence so far is extremely promising, with benefits including pain relief, and reducing symptoms of arthritis, dementia, heart disease, cancer and phobias (see links below).

My own experience and that of the clients I work with, suggests that biofield tuning practitioners can help with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety and panic attacks, crippling grief, sleeping difficulties, and problems with anger.

The use of biofield tuning forks is still quite new, and I believe I am the first biofield healing practitioner in the Redlands, and one of only a handful of biofield tuning practitioners in Brisbane.

I like the sound of it, but I don’t live near you!

The great thing about biofield tuning practitioners is that treatment can be done in person or by distance (by phone or online), with individuals or groups – please ask if you’d like to find out more.

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